The Home of Bishop & Mrs. Robert Thomas Jr. on the grounds of the Detroit Golf Club. The home transcends time and space from the Baccarat crystal to the original art.

Roxane Whitter Thomas, owner of Whitter Interiors at the Michigan Design Center since 1995, has been a designer for over 15 years. Born in New York City, raised in Teaneck, New Jersey, she now resides in Detroit. Ms. Whitter says her sense of style and glamour was evoked from the gorgeous brownstones and fabulous apartments around the city she saw as a child. “Black homes have a flair unparalleled when it comes to design,” says Roxane; and no one exemplified this more than her grandmother, Pearl Bamus. Her mother, Carol Whitter, carried on the tradition with crystal, Persian rugs, damask draperies, and venetian mirrors. There was a culture of black middle class and wealth on the east coast and homes with much style. Her “Manhattan Style” is a combination of individualism, functionality, and grace.

When talking about her design signature, Roxane says “Even a small room can be grand if the scale is right. Large pieces make a statement. It takes time and effort to create beauty. Passion is what you need to be good. Talent is being able to mix the extraordinary with the ordinary.”

“We, Client and Designer, work together to create a classic and timeless look that is highly personalized. I love warmth and creating a sense of comfortable elegance that is refreshing and new.”

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